New Year, New People

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New people are everywhere! Awesome!

Back in my Lifetime Fitness days, the new year brought a ton of new members. I can remember all the regular gym goers complaining how crazy it was going to be in the new year, and how much they hated it because the gym was going to be busting with people who would get in their way for a month or so then quit (most in the first couple of weeks!). They would consider them an inconvenience and offer no help, actually hoping they would not make it. Now I know for the most part they were good people, and if confronted with a new person who needed some help, they would have done it. Grudgingly. 

Thats what makes us different. We realize its not always easy to stick to a healthy lifestyle, and we don’t mind encouraging others who are attempting to do it too. So lets be sure we smile and make the new folks feel welcomed. You don’t have to BFF them or lend them your knee sleeves, just be aware of what its like to be a new person and apply the golden rule. A little bit of kindness can go along way in this new, and possibly intimidating place. 

Thanks for being part of this amazing community, partly made possible by you.

Dennis and Crew

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