Rey Garza


When I first walked into CFNI, I didn’t know much about CrossFit. I saw a guy on the rig doing some weird pull-ups and thought it was pretty cool. I had worked out at global gyms most of my adult life but usually found myself bored with the routines and my progress would come to a stand still.

My first meeting with Coach Dennis he asked me what I knew about CrossFit and my response was “not much other than some of the workouts get you on the brink of puking”. (Fran)

Little did I anticipate that it would not only change the way I look at fitness but also completely change my lifestyle.

I now look forward to working out with my fellow athletes and feel guilty for missing a WOD. With the help of the other coaches and support from our community, I have made improvements not only in the box but life in general. I am now more hesitant about eating certain foods because I now know how it affects my body. I have also introduced CrossFit to my wife and my young kids as well. So in our house it’s all about GAINZZZ.

I started coaching because I want to help people achieve their fitness goals and also show them how this form of functional fitness is beneficial to overall life.

So my response to coach Dennis’ question about what I know about CrossFit now would be “It will help me not to suck at life”.