Crossfit and what it’s all about


FIRST, it’s a community. A family forged through fitness. A group of people who encourage, yell, laugh, compete & challenge each other. We all have different backgrounds and abilities, but focus and are driven by the goals we share. The desire to always do & be our best is what brings us together & sets us apart.


SECOND, it’s a fitness program. Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity is the blueprint we use to produce elite fitness. We squat, deadlift, press, clean & jerk, snatch, climb ropes, flip tires & push sleds. With a conjugated system using powerlifting, weightlifting, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning & good nutrition you will realize the amazing results commonly seen in the Crossfit community.


THIRD, it’s a lifestyle. Everyday we struggle together in the gym and we learn and relearn some life enhancing lessons. By getting outside of your comfort zone, pushing yourself to your limits and attacking your weaknesses, you’ll discover the road to success. Success not only in health and fitness, but in any pursuits you may have.